Sash sizing


Hello all,
Bit of an odd question. How does one measure for the right sash size (in inches). Ordering a couple for some Drum Majors and want the correct fit.



Are you getting a section, squadron or wing sash? If the former your Wing Band Officer (if they exist) can help, if the latter there are a few Bandie types on here or there’s always Region or HQ Music to email


Your best bet there would be simply to ask the supplier how they expect you to measure.
They will know how they make their sashes.


I’m not after a fancy custom one. I’m getting some plain dark blue DI-type ones.


Ah, I see.

I couldn’t tell you for certain then I’m afraid.
If the length of the sash for each size is given anywhere then you could run a tape measure over the shoulder and down to just below the hip to get you “in the ballpark”. The sizes will of course be in increments of a few inches at least so it’s not a critical measurement.


I’ll try that. They seem to run like chest sizes which is odd but yeah I’ll have a measure and see what I can figure out. Cheers.