Safe Online Storage

Our Dropbox is at maximum capacity, is there any decent sizable online storage I can look at preferably free…

Is it a Squadron dropbox storing stuff with Cadet details in?

If yes then it should just go on a folder on sharepoint, you can have the permissions set so as only the emails associated with your unit can access it.

Make use of your one drive as part of the Microsoft Office 365. You can acces this through email and share documents with anybody with word or office 365 for them to access. I use it for working documents with my adj/training officer and general account as well as with the committee emails and accounts. It’s worthwhile and within the organisation already

Very limited storage on the one drive which is the big issue there.

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It contains pictures from camps, and pics that’s have been shared on social media. We do so much that we need more space. Not really keen on a monthly out going if there is a free alternative. Seen but that’s unpredictable but 50gb’s is quite big.

How regularly and widely is access required? How likely is it that more than one person will need access at once?

Seems to me that your best solution may be a little less “in the clouds” - an external hard drive locked away at the Sqn.

I think this is probably one of the things that most squadrons fail at.

Something like a NAS would be a very sensible purchase for every squadron. Size dependent on how active the squadron was.

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You could take it to that level. Non-networked is surely simpler with fewer obligations/requirements though?

I bought a seagate 1TB drive for home when my free drop box account offer ended - IIRC it has remote access (although I never use it), and WiFi for dumping stuff from my phone and laptop. It was around £80 ish…

We have 2 x 1TB NAS drive at the Squadron, which can only be access through one of the password protected user accounts on the PCs. I couldn’t tell you how much it costs, though!

Yes you could just get a usb harddrive from the shops, but then you’ll be hunting for that harddrive when you want to put some photos on it, rather than a nas plugged into your router that can be accessed from any computer at the sqn.

Indeed. I was overthinking wrt remote access.

Beware: because of data protection and assurance requirements, sensitive data may only be stored on MOD systems. This means that you should be looking at Sharepoint or at the OneDrive provided with Bader mail if you need to store such information.

This of course takes no account on the realities of operating a squadron or the practicality of the solutions that this organisation deems acceptable, it merely concerns itself with whether they can give any guarantee as to the safety of the data.

Probably best solution within the parameters set would be for each squadron to have a shared onedrive that can be accessed by every account on a squadron (with similar structures at other levels or project groups), as well as individual onedrive areas for each personal account itself.

A lot of less-sensitive data ought to be OK stored elsewhere (local drives, USB, NAS etc.) but sensitive stuff (with personal data or private information) should not be.

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I’ve loads of files on there. Photos etc and never had an issue :slight_smile:

You could mount an S3 bucket. It’s cheap & it works bloody well.

You mean SharePoint…

Each Sqn should have a SharePoint Site which is accessible to all of the Sqn Accounts, otherwise how can we comply with the Data Policy…

No, I mean onedrive, thoguh I don’t know if it is capable. That is the recommended place (I am told) for staff to store their confidential files so they don’t need to keep them locally. It si limited unless it is flexible enough to grant access to others somehow.

While I am sure that sharepoint offers a solution, to adopt it now before they finish the migration to the cloud version would seem foolhardy - let them complete the migration and see how useful it becomes. I am sure it has the potential to be a useful, central storage system once it is all sorted out, unless we all jump to MS Teams of course. the product has been unevenly adopted.

I have never looked into what security I can manage on SP from my mundane credentials. I would not want anybody expect my squadron personnel to be able to snoop though the squadron’s files.

Reviving this thread, Does anyone know how much storage we are supposed to have access to via Bader OneDrive?
I’ve recently been getting “storage full” emails as if someone has just made a policy change . . .

@james_elliott :smile:

Don’t we get 1TB storage with OneDrive?

Not with the licenses we have.

Seems we get 2 Gb, if you go to Settings > OneDrive Settings > More Settings > Storage metrics it will give you a breakdown.

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I looked at the storage metrics page (why on earth is that burried so far down in menus???)
Seems both my sqn general account and role account are both 1TB. Have RAFAC set these up so the “Documents” directory has a size limit of 2GB even though the actual account is 1TB?