S4C Welsh TV - Air cadets

The Welsh TV station S4C have released a 5 minute short as part of their #Fi series looking at Young People and the activities they do.
Available on iPlayer, S4C and YouTube.

BBC iPlayer

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The youtube subtitles start well!

Interesting that they found someone to deliver the brief in Welsh, never seen that before and that’s our AEF :joy:

The subtitles are awful but the actual content is pretty good for the audience it’s aimed at, although the RN pilot probably won’t be chuffed being called a RAF pilot haha.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this on Welsh-language TV so I think its a fantastic move.

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I’m all for the Welsh keeping their language going strong but 90% Welsh with 10% English :grimacing:

What’s the critique here?

It’s a piece filmed explicitly for Welsh-language TV at the only Welsh AEF featuring a Welsh speaking cadet from a South Wales squadron.

If it’s the cadet’s language yes it does mix languages but that’s hardly unusual for Welsh speakers. Language is a dynamic thing and many Welsh speakers don’t come from first-language Welsh families so will mix and match as they go. This is incredibly common, especially in South Wales.

Pretty sure you just copied and pasted Wikipedia?

I know what S4C is :roll_eyes: I don’t need details and numbers with names of every S4C employee. I was talking bout the Welsh to English…“How’s that feel, yes that’s much better thank you…you sure? Yeah Awesome” Not being Welsh myself I didn’t know they used both languages when they spoke.

That’s quite common with people who are bilingual, I know some Irish speakers who are the same.

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