Run Hide Tell

Good Afternoon All and apologies if this topic is featured elsewhere but could find nothing on “Search”. Does the ACO have a certified Run Hide Tell brief which can be accessed?

Not aware of anything. I’m sure the cops at HQAC were looking at something but not heard anything about it for some time.

No doubt will become compulsory at some point!

I know some of the Wing’s up north have a brief already. Disappointed, but not surprised that nothing has come out of Cloppa Castle yet

I thought it was? It was certainly pushed by our Wing in the aftermath of the Manchester attack.

The presentation was on Ultilearn. We showed the cadets the presentation, answered any questions, then recorded it on the SMS.

There is a general briefing on all Police Force’s Website. Or the National Anti-Terrorist Website

It’s on the RAFP section of sharepoint

Thanks all

I’ve just checked - there is a lesson plan and the video on Ultilearn!

Link? Then I can close this off as done.

This is the only thing we have seen, the poster:

Oh, my SNCO gave a much more compreshensive presentation than that. It had worksheets and everything. I’ll ask him where he got it all.

There is a package on Ultilearn.

Cadet Courses: “LMS.COURSE.119 Run Hide Tell”
Contains a lesson plan and a link to a video.


Is it the one with the three kids called Nur, Llet and Ehid? The names sound really multi-cultural until you realise they are just anagrams of Run, Hide and Tell.

Imo, the lesson in the lesson plan is aimed at 12 year olds and no older… i’d be wary

Do we really need to go into more detail than what can be read on the poster?

Of course we do. :rolleyes:

All of our secondary schools do this in form in the same way they do “stranger danger”. I know teachers who have had to sit through this and prevent.

I know as we put the posters up at the squadron made the cadets aware, with a view to doing a spiel and one of the cadets said we’ve had that at school for ages and we had talks and videos. So we’ve not bothered.

It’s very mixed across the 9 secondary schools i work with. One does it every year for every pupil. Another runs it for year 8 only. One doesn’t do it at all, but has posters up.

I did love the instructor note suggesting that if we do find ourselves with cadets with those names we reassure them, by explaining that the names are just “Run”, “Hide”, and"Tell" spelled backwards… So as not to distress the individuals… As if they’d care. :confused:

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