Rules on General Purpose Jackets for Cadets

Hi, I’m a Cdt Sgt and I have allways wondered whether cadet SNCO’s could wear General Purpose Jackets because I’ve heard different things from different people, some say only throguh private purchase some say in bad weather some say not at all, can’t seem to find it in ACP1358C either, does anybody here know? Many thanks

From AP1358C orders of dress No2:

“4. The General Purpose Jacket is optional for Officers & WO/SNCO (ATC). Only the jeltex jacket can be worn by cadets.”

Cadets are not scaled to wear a GP jacket, hence why there is no dress regs for cadets to wear them in Ap 1358C. You will have to look at the scaling Ap which I cannot remember the number to see. The only personnel who can wear iaw. 1358c are uniformed staff as am optional private purchase l.

Go to Page 34 of AP1358C for the detail of authorised orders of No2 dress

There is the opportunity to write to your regional commandant and ask them for authority. There’s no set for at but you are expect to outline the reasons why and if they are happy will authorise it.

WAH and some more character

It’s true. It was mentioned at the WO uniform steering group which our Sgt attended a couple of months ago.

I’ve heard of cadets wearing a GPJ in place of a jersey because of a wool allergy before.

What did they wear on their legs? The Trousers are wool too aren’t they?

I don’t know, I don’t know anybody who’s done this I’ve just heard about it.

WTF are people looking for things to make them look important and burn up PTD?

Of all the things in the Corps uniform is the one thing we don’t need a ‘steering group’ for … camps, flying, gliding, shooting, classification instruction, staff recruitment and retention, admin (although I think there is a group getting together for this) YES, uniform a resounding no.