Rugby Six Nations

Great to Air Cadets present at Murrayfield yet again.

Why can’t RAFAC get similar coverage at the other grounds; Twickenham, Principality Stadium and Avila Stadium.

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I believe it’s an arrangement with a local squadron (with a handful of others invited by said squadron) - it’s not a wing event (which GMG slightly).

I guess the answer would be for squadrons local to those grounds to reach out and see if they can arrange something?

Why does it GYG?

My sqn used to have a presence at a fairly prestigious local event - all arranged, organised and sorted out by the CO before me. All was well, until another local squadron commander complained about the opportunities not being shared around. He mad such a fuss, that the Wing Commander intervened, and we were told that the four local squadrons would take turns at staffing that event. Within two years, we had lost the opportunity, because the squadron commander who had made all of the fuss was unable to fully staff the commitment.

What GMG is that someone who is prepared to go out there and create opportunities for their own cadets has them then taken away from them by their Wing, and the opportunities are subsequently lost due to indifference and ineptitude.

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A fair point, well made, and I stress the slightly.

Given the high profile of the event, it would be nice for the Wing to be invited (even if the majority of spaces were still given to the organising squadron). But, as you say, it’s much better that it happens than politics and disorganisation get in the way.

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I didn’t think that most spaces do go to the organisers; it seemed like a pretty good mix.

My unit was invited to support a final with 12 cadets at Twickenham earlier in the year - invite came straight from the stadium.

Twickenham Squadron used to do loads at Twickenham, same with Wembley Squadron at England Football.

Better off keeping these things local.
Allow wings or regions to become involved and it would be “organised” out of existence and loads of disinterested hangers on coming along just to fanny around in uniform and get a “free ticket”.

Tickets aren’t provided.

So what turn up do the bit at the start and go home? Not worth getting out of bed for. Surely the cadets and staff stay for the game?

When I said free ticket I meant as staff making up the numbers, with no interest or other reason to be there.

No, we don’t. I don’t think I would have gone if I actually had to watch any rugby as part of it.

They weren’t local cadets, both from a different wing altogether. Not sure of the arrangement.

Air Cadets have supported the events at Murrayfield, and other grounds, since 2009. The event at Murrayfield is organised by the SESW WWO and due to logistics of organising and getting Cadets to and from the event, it is mainly offered to Cadets/Staff within SESW. However, Cadets from other Wings have taken part when the SRU have games in other areas. At Murrayfield on Saturday 08.02.2020, two Cadets from NESW travelled down and were presenting the National standards, that escorted the team busses into the stadium and the teams onto the pitch.