Royals in Uniform

What, the Prince Michael (of Kent)?

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It is incongruous that Henry and other Royals on military duties, turn out sporting beards.
I know Henry is someone who can’t be questioned (given who is mum was) but surely if the regs say what they say and they are what his nan’s rules, he should be expected to play along. Might not look as trendy and down wiv it though.

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Tbf it is his name. It was how he was introduced at the Olympic closing ceremony

It is, he must just prefer Harry. His full name is Henry Charles Albert David.

Harry sounds more common and I can’t remember but probably the ‘Red Tops’ used it to make him sound better for their readers and it is in keeping with the ‘one of the lads’ persona he wants to give off.
William has never been Billy, I think his little brother should grow up and use his given name. Henry’s uncles have never been Andy, Eddy/Ted and I would defy anyone to call Princess Anne, anything less that Anne, unless they wanted what my wife calls ‘the look’ and a rebuke.

Harry is not incorrect, much like a Richard becomes Dick, William become Fred, Catherine becomes Kate

from Wikipedia

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