Royal Navy 1, Royal Air Force nil

As the thread with the original post regarding the bullying of Taeghan has closed I though this worth a share.

Well done to our water winged sister service, :clap::clap::clap: is it a little dusty round here?

some of the replies are worth a read as well


The whole response on Twitter to this incident has been fantastic and heartwarming


Yup, top brass weighing from all services has been good to see.


I suggested to some sqn colleagues that Cpl Nauyokas (who’s now Sgt RAF) visits the school… And has a gentle conversation with the bullies…fairly sure he’d win

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Is that the guy from bad lads army?

He was the corporal for a lady I work with during her time training in the army. I also loved that show and really would bring it back!


Last time I was at crantamino Bay he was IC Discip for the SNCO School.

Popped by our DI course for ceremonial advice from WO Mannion

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Nooky often attends Regiment reunions in a certain Lincolnshire town. He’s an ex-WO2 of the RLC.

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Even FYB and various other “disruptive” pages have been fawning over the story with support and well wishes.

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This popped up on my FB yesterday on an RAF Swinderby group im part of. There were over 300 comments all positive.

The officer in BLA is one of our old boys… I taught his brother!

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