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Looks interesting. I think I might be free then…

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I do wish people would not refer to the current Sevice Rifle as the SA80. The term refers to the family of weapons, standing as it does for Small Arms 1980.

Ie the L85 Rifle, the (now defunct) L86 Light Support Weapon, the L22 Carbine, the L98 Cadet GP Rifle, and the L103 Drill Purpose Rifle.

Fixed that for you :wink:

Pew pew

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Right, but they are all SA-80s created from the same design principles with shared working parts.

If you watch it, he discusses the genesis of the system and different versions used by the regular forces. So yes, the talk is about the SA80.

Hence the term Small Arms 1980 and my mentioning the family of weapons (or did you miss that?). The fact that it didn’t enter service until 1987 owing to the calibre change is moot.

I’m quite perfectly with the genesis of the System having ownedva Sterling built AR-18, and having fired the prototype (XL64E5 in 4.85mm cal) at what was the School of Infantry at Warminster in 1982.

Oh you comedian. NOT! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

At this point I don’t understand what your original complaint was in aid of or in response to.

The talk was about the SA80, not specifically the L85A3 or any other variant.

Watched it there - some interesting historical exhibits, although (probably due to the time constraints), a bit of skimming over some of the more recent rifles / enhancements.

First met up with the SA80 at Cranditz, mid 1980’s. A cadet came to my office & asked about doing a “variation” (one day only, at Cranwell) on the normal “Project Weekend” - normally team building, help in local community, whatever.

Good grief said I, of course not, not within the spirt, etc, etc…

But Sir, my father is with BAe on the Wpns Design Team (or similar), & can bring all the new pre-service Army rifles & ammunition - & we can shoot them all…

She graduated. :wink:

Had a great day on one of the stn 25m barrack ranges; fired the SA80 (as it was), LSW, cut-down barrel version for APC drivers, etc. Thousands of rounds, not one stoppage - but of course, all the rifles were much better than production standard.

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