Role Reversal Night

At an event one of our cadets was told if he was able to shoot an arrow through a small cone he would be allowed to become CO for a night. He did so and as a result we are having a “Switch the ranks” night where staff, staff cadets and NCO’s are becoming cadets and cadets are becoming staff. We have allocated cadets certain roles after interviewing them. The roles include:

  1. CO
  2. Training Officer
  3. Admin Officer x2
  4. WO
  5. Canteen duty x2
  6. Instructors x2

I am looking for help on ways to make this night more enjoyable. For example we have set up a fake email so the “CO” can recieve emails throughout the night. Has anybody got any fun ideas we can include for the other roles?

Furthermore, I am trying to create fake documents for the “admin officers” to fill out throughout the night. These will not be real and will be thrown once the night is ended. However, I am struggling actually making these documents as I don’t know what to include or how to do them. If anybody could help that would be great.

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Just let them run the night. We have a rank swap annually and it’s always hilarious chaos. We give them no pointers except what time it starts and finishes, and step in if there’s any safety issues. Other than that, it’s up to them

Invariably, it’s a nightmare. But that’s kinda the point.

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What about sign up lists for activities? Nominal rolls etc

You can get them to sort out the admin for a squadron training weekend - First Aid and leadership for example.

ask a local squadron to call you asking to borrow X bit of kit out of stores? or asking if youre going to x event in a few weeks and they can share transport (queue questions about insurance, perm 19 etc etc)

I love this idea… I never thought it could happen… I might bring it up with my squadron :thinking:

We have done this a few times, and it can be a bit of a giggle.

The staff love it - usually turning up in badly fitting uniform, and being thoroughly ‘naughty’ most of the evening.
It was good seeing some of the younger ones stepping up to try and sort things out.

As mentioned - always on the lookout in case it got too silly of out of hand - but usually a good night.

Is that really a role reversal night, or was it just a normal parade evening? :wink:


I was sent to office to the OC twice the last time we ran something. Second time it wasn’t even something I did!

When I ran it, we kept one staff member as a staff member (not getting involved unless really required). There were a series of envelopes with rank slides, a role, and a set of tasks that needed to be accomplished that fit the role.

We had everything from Cpl up to OC.

On a prior evening, the cadets all planned “a parade night” and then that became the programme that was run on the rank swap night.