Road Marching

I know of a few Cadets who have not made their Wing Teams and plan on pairing up to enter there local 2-Day as a Civvie Team. Can they be awarded badges on completion? Or must they do it with a cadet team to be eligible.

Hi, There is a subject matter expert you need to ask about local events. I will message you their email address, let us know how you get on.

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Could you send me their details as well please? Got some cadets interested in doing this but no idea if CCF even do it.

The DIN has just come out for 2019. CCF has taken part in the past. It is a big commitment and the cadet need to be 16 by the 12 Jul 19 There is a facebook page you can join for further information.


Thank you

The RAFAC entry information has just been forwarded to me via WHQ. If you have not had it by the end of the week please chase up.