Road Marching Silver Badge

When I completed Cosford March I was awarded the Bronze road marching badge.

However, after taking a look on Cadet Portal, it says that for silver you need to complete a 2-day marching event of at least 80km or longer. Cosford qualifies for this so should I now be wearing the Silver badge.

I know it changed when the criteria etc changed and they introduced blue just want to make sure

My understanding is that Cosford qualifies for Silver, yes.

I’d suggest contracting your squadron staff and politely asking about it - if they don’t know they will be able to contact your Wing Road Marching Officer who will be able to confirm and arrange a badge.

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You can upgrade your badge to a silver. You will need to get your staff to e-mail your Wg RMO and ask for an upgrade. you will need to supply who you did the march with and the year. The ACRoMaTI (hate the little letters) will advise.

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Actually - that’s not 100% accurate…

New ACRoMaTI actually requires each cadet to have also completed an approved theory / classroom session, PLUS 4 documented RM training walks of increasing distance, of not less than 15k, 20k and 25k… to be awarded Blue; then all of the above plus either 1x 40k or a 2 day x 20k (on sequential days) for Bronze; and all of the above plus a 2 day x 40k (on sequential days) for Silver.

To be upgraded to Silver, we have been advised that you will need to be able to show documentation on your SMS profile to confirm completion of theory element, training walks, 1x 25mile and 2x 25 mile.

In theory - if you completed Cosford at 2x 40k, I would assume that you had participated in an organised training regime, which is recorded.

Being 2 years ago, I doubt you will have completed the theory bit - a bit like shutting the horse and all that, but those are the hoops.

In the meantime, a friendly chat with your sqn staff and WRMO “may” be sufficient, but I believe the official response is as above.

What’s more - if approved, although you can get your virtual brassard upgraded - the wait for a Silver badge is likely to be lengthy given that so many are now potentially eligible if they did the classroom bit during lockdown.

Finding Silver RM badges will be as easy as finding Blue RM badges…!

Previously the only main events for Silver were Pathfinder and Deathmarch…hence, not a lot of take up - most cadets went from Bronze to Nijmegen (Gold). In a weird way, having your Silver was the least common!

@Dad2james while the ACRoMaTI does say and it will apply to new cadets a pragmatic approach has been taken to legacy badges and the change from bronze to silver for RAF 2DM . Plus most wing will do and certainly in mine theory training was done and to a higher level than the blue level. It has been agreed that and cadet who wish to upgrade from bronze to silver will be supported by their wing and region RMOs.

Also I believe the number will not be huge many who complete the qualifying events will then complete Nijmegen and have a gold badge. Plus there will be cadets leaving all the time, It has been two years since a RAF 2DM. The date pencilled in for the march was this weekend and I would be there now setting up the march in normal times.

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And I thought blue radio took too long for a blue badge :flushed:

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Meaning I can make the switch to silver, I do meet all the criteria set out on cadet portal???

6-8 hours of training depending on the practical elements?

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You will have to apply via your wing RMO the e-mail is marching.@the usual
It shouldn’t be a problem

Yah its rediculous.

The blue badge should IMO be…

A 30 min theory package.
x1 RM of 10Km.

That way…

  1. Its actually achievable in realistic BLUE badge timescales.
  2. It gives the cadets something to aim for early on.
  3. It rewards participation
  4. Its achievable by most Sqns.

Blue bade is supposed to be scaled for on Sqn activity. Not Wing level!

Frankly it’s a joke the RM syllabus in its current format.


Out of interest if a cadet did Nijmegen with scouts and none of our RM training would they still get the food badge or would we make then go through blue badge first?

The format for RM to Blue Badge and potentially Bronze is actually quite well within the grasp for many squadrons.

The new RMTL qualification is easier to obtain than the FTTL and although in an ideal world, you’d have multiple staff holding RMTL on each event, so long as you have at least one, you can plan and deliver the activity.

Our Wing currently has 8 qualified or in the process of becoming qualified.

The theory bit is only about an hour and a half to two - and is deliverable one evening.

The target for speed is @5km per hour. Personally, I’d look to do a short 8 - 10 k bimble first to iron out any small issues.

Then the 3 qualifying matches could be programmed for alternate weekends and be done by lunchtime!

It’s not so much about the “turn up and get a badge” as “turn up, go for a walk, meet other cadets, have a laugh and a giggle”

The step up from the 25k to the 40k needs at least three interim walks to bridge the gap and develop foot resilience and core strength.

Stepping up from Bronze to Silver isn’t that bad…

But - we have been parachuted cadets into a team before now from another Wing, who were meant to have trained - and hadn’t…

It wasn’t pretty!

If they did Nijmegen and received the medal - they should also have a finishers certificate. (If not, it can be tracked down), have a chat with your WRMO - I’ve heard conflicting advice as to whether it had to have been within a certain time frame - but I believe it is still the case that yes you can apply for the Gold badge…

I think a “by sector” approach is more likely for the time being…