Road marching badges


probably around June, just in time for the July March in Nijmegen!


Ever leader needs ML winter…Nijmegan cancelled… 50p a sweepstake


I would rather the rules be in black and white.
Then stuck to and not changed every 5 minutes.


I just want the badge, or the recognition of wanting to do it. I asked my OC and she said the wing doesn’t run any bronze or silver courses only gold and then she said how amazing it was that I’ve asked about it and I’m going to go very far in cadets so I got the recognition I guess


Considering that gold is for Nijmegen and silver or bronze (I don’t know anymore) is for the qualifying marches, that seems impossible.


Some Wigs just do Civvy Nijmegen or use qualifying marches that don’t qualify for badges. (Although they probably would if they asked).


Try neighbouring wings…


I am a parent and REG Civ Com (going CI) currently training with around 30 cadets and staff for this year’s Nijmegen, having gone as a companion to the team (chaperone) for my son and his mate who were both under 14 last year.

Our wing has a fantastic relationship with a group called the British Dutch Walking Fellowship. A well organised and very well supported walking group that has been going for years.

The BDWF organise the vast majority of our training walks, based around the Wiltshire countryside.
The cadets and staff join the BDWF as members / Junior members and then receive the benefit of all of their support structure as well.
The BDWF not only organise the training walks, but can provide a “turn key” package of travel from the UK, channel crossing, onward travel to Nijmegen, accommodation and dining, bus shuttles to / from start/finish lines as well as first aid and refreshment stops en route. Having experienced this first hand not only as a walker, a parent and a member of staff, I CANNOT stress how brilliant they are.

Three Wings currently use them.

During the training walks, we’ve had MANY conversations about the classifications.

My understanding is that the revised changes should have been published by WARMA but are now with HQAC, for further scrutiny etc, so quite possibly upto another 9 months to be formalised.

As I write, I believe the deadline for entries to this year’s RAFWARMA at Cosford next month has now passed.

On the subject of Road Marching - I can only talk from the point of view of Nijmegen and a much smaller event in support of the Trenchard Token.

The “enjoyment” in Road Marching with the cadets for me is watching a group (rabble frankly) of individuals from various squadrons with little or no previous experience coming together and becoming a team.

As those that have completed Nijmegen previously, revel in telling their stories of what happened last time… of the noise, of the atmosphere, the crowds and dare I say it…the blisters…

The first timers latch on to every detail, their excitement building with each training walk.

What is vital is the camaraderie they share. Cracking out the RAFWARMA song book, I was surprised how many newbies didn’t know many of any of tache songs that most of us have have for donkeys years. (Admittedly, I had to be “advised” that the songs that I remember singing in my teens as a cadet ** years ago, are now considered “no-longer appropriate”).

Even the quietest, more introvert cadets can be encouraged to belt out a rousing verse of “The Rookie Parajumper”.

Along with the BDWF and their support team, we are blessed with fantastic staff on Wing that lead the cadet side of things - but as with all activities, more support would always be appreciated.

It is because of the sharing of information, hints, tips, advice and stories that help our cadets to withstand the rigours of training.

Let’s face it, road marching isn’t rocket science, all we’re Doug is keeping the cadets safe during an activity that will build their levels of resilience both physically and mentally.

Everyone gets to that point where they’re exhausted, aching or tired - but it’s the team that keeps everyone together and moving along.

That, plus jokes, music and laughter.

Yes it takes commitment in otherwise already hectic times, but by working with other squadrons and other wings, the burden can be better shared.

It’s nothing new - but if you haven’t heard of the British Dutch Walking Fellowship - I can whole heartedly recommend them.


Yeah , my oc said I want old enough to complete Nijmegen. And our wing doesn’t run anything below it even though we’re like 30 mins away from cosford , sounds like it will be very good for the future thank you very much

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