Road marching badges


In the old days having done the First Time Team Leader was seen as being “enough”.

The push was that full distance Warmer would be Silver whereas if you did one of the shorter routes or Winter WARMA it would be Bronze.

The idea being that the walks as originally split were really progressive as you would almost always go from Bronze to Gold Direct.


More challenging than watching a DVD for 2 hours.


Unless there are two Pathfinder Marches, the only one I am aware of is based out of Wyton, which is 46 miles in one day. Does that qual you; doubt it.


I copied and pasted directly out of the badge booklet, so unless its changed then it does


Ok i am being really thick now…
Where is the ACTO or ACP or ACATI that details everything for Road Marching?


fair…but there is a “skill” gained from that, some understanding and knowledge

walking (or road marching) 20km is no more of a skill than going 5km


not everything but this is what details Nijmegen ACATI 018


This is what i found:



Thats what ive always wondered. Is it a badge of my feet are tougher than yours…

Dont get me wrong i get its a physical challenge .


You say that, but, I would disagree. There is a skill to long distance road marching, a skill to doing it efficiently, with minimal injuries and good spirits. March 20km with different teams at Nijmegen and you will see that there is an art to doing it well.


I will openly admit I hate road marching. I don’t get it at all, have no desire to ever do it and think we could spend money and resources far better on other things. I look at all cadets with incredulity when they want to go.

I still sign them up for things, but it’s just one of those events that takes up far too much time IMO.


Couldn’t agree more :wink:


My curiosity is based on the fact some cadets have approached me and asked about getting the badge… thats a different topic (badges not task focused) but this has raised…

A few questions.

  1. Why no blue badge. The explanation in the progressive training document strikes me as shoddy.
    I would suggest a 10km local road march be sufficient to be issued a blue badge!

  2. No where does it state what quals you need.
    Sure under a safe system of training this is documented some where?

  3. Is it a sport of AT?

  4. Staff, cadet ratio required?


In as much as I can:

1: I have no idea, I raised it with the PoC at HQAC when it was first developed and I never did understand it.
2. Nowhere, it falls outside most other areas, it doesn’t count as trekking, so you don’t officially need BEL or higher, you definitely need First Aid quals. The only real ‘qualification’ is attending the First Time Team Leader’s weekend with RAF WARMA, but I didn’t get a lot of value out of it tbh, (And I think I got more than most, it snowed really heavily the year I did it and day two was called off, so we sat in a conference centre at Cosford and actually talked about Nijmegen and team leading, which didn’t seem to be on the agenda otherwise?)
4: 1:10 realistically. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Two of us took 20 cadets to Nijmegen last time I went, and it was a struggle. (Especially when we all got tired, cadets and staff)


I would highly recommend for inexperienced groups 2:10 marching with a 3rd staff member with a vehicle somewhere close by to pickup the ones with “lack of moral fibre” or sore footsies. I was always in the jack wagon as a cadet when i thought it was a good idea to go.


I love Nijmegen and have completed it more than 10 times. It is a great event for the cadet both the actual march and the physical and mental challenge that is provides and at Heumensoord mixing with the other marcher from the 20odd other countries represented. Long may it continue.

As @Baldrick has stated there is a mess surrounding Road Marching (RM) at the moment. The is a lack of leadership from HQAC and in my region as DDH the full time staff have placed their own caveats on training to fill the gaps.
RM is no longer covered by what was ACP17 as ACTAI 18 as it is not Adv Trg. The problem being that there has not been a decision where it should go and is nothing replacing it as a controlling document. Much of the clearance mirror what is done for field craft eg, EASPs etc

As for the questions aboved

  1. In my opinion the PTS is all wrong. There should be a blue badge. The level for bronze is too high, silver is a mess and Gold should be for Nijmegen type marches of long distance and multiple days.

  2. Currently there is no controlling ACP so no list of Quals needed. The Coprs Staff officer (NMROA) did do a leaders course a year before last but did not do one for this year marches.

  3. In the DIN The Nijmegen Marches is classed as a Military Exercise. The RAF 2 was a sport but is no longer. In the RAFAC it was Adv Trg but is no longer.

  4. As the default ratio is 1 staff for 10 cadets but a minimum of 1male and 1 female would be a minimum. Also it would be very good practice to have a safety vehicle on call to collect broken marchers.


Do we currently have a NMROA last I knew he had gone NEP in December?


I was under the impression that he was back.

He has resigned from has RAF WARMA post and I had previously heard that he had left the corps. The NMROA/ Corps RM officer post was never advertised.


I know he definitely never fully left and I’ve noticed a few tweets from the Twitter Account recently :thinking:


You know by highlighting the fact no quals are really needed. HQAC will probably read this on this forum and in a few months time a directive will come out saying you need ‘x’ qualification in order to lead it.