RN WO 2 Rank

Looks familiar…

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Yep same as the old one or army WO11. :slight_smile:

Edited -sorry for the typo!

Thought that was WOII not WOI

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That is the same as one of the Army WOII insignia.


Very much like the RQMS rank.

Wonder if CCFRN will get that rank as well as or instead of the current cadet WO rank.

CCFRN only recently got ranks above PO anyway - the logic was apparently that an RN section was never big enough for the higher ranks. Which ignored the fact that an RN section cadet might find themselves senior cadet of an entire contingent and outranked by the NCOs in the other sections!

That logic does seem flawed as you say.
I would have expected that it was just following the SCC lead whose cadets don’t go above PO.

Maybe - the person who gave me that explanation could just have been wrong…

When I was a cadet, the CCF(RN) had their highest cdt rank/head of section as Coxswain.

Not sure if it’s still used (although Wikipedia makes reference to it).

That’s what we used to do before the WO rank was introduced.