Risk assessments

Evening all, does anyone have a risk assessment for a squadron ran firework display?

I am wanting to host an open evening for current cadets parents and family to see what they get up to and as part of this I want to host a bbq and fireworks in november.

Have you messaged your Wing health and safety officer? I’d think they would be your best option to try.

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This will open a can of unnecessary worms.
My tip go to a free public display and buy them all a burger or two.
I’d say
1 save yourself a whole wad of cash, given fireworks are now mentally expensive for what they are - a couple of seconds of flash/bang/sparkle. Long gone are the days of a box of Standard fireworks in the back garden.
2 a load of H&S measures for 5-10 minutes, when you can let someone else go through all the agg.

Eight/nine years ago a church near to us which had been doing a firework display as a fund-raiser for as long as anyone could remember, got a call from the council saying they had to do this and this and this and have insurance. They contacted their insurers and it became financially unviable, unless they started charging a set fee rather than a donation. They’ve not done one since.

We have two free displays in our area and that’s where we took our kids and had an hour or so out. There is one display near to us where they charge £8/person, but you can see it for nothing for miles around.

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The HSE website has a handy list of things to think about:

Fireworks Information

The risk assessment should be fairly easy to complete - just use the HSE headings as your risks, and then work out how to mitigate them.

You may want to investigate getting hold of private insurance - I’d imagine HQAC won’t be all that keen on making it an approved Air Cadet activity, especially with non RAFAC people on site.

Also, you may (or may not :wink:) want to get advice from DFRMO.

On the flipside, if you could somehow blag it as a practical lesson on rocketry…


If you can borrow a military training area for it the paperwork gets easier! :smiley:

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