Risk assesment for karting

Morning all,

Has anyone got a generic risk assessment for gokarting?

Managed to get use of the track facility at Odiham for an evening for my lot and as you all know… risk assessment!!!

Any links or Pointer’s would be appreciated.

I Googled “generic risk assessment gokarting” & there are several useful ones that have specific items / mitigation aspects.

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Your using Odiham Go Karting Club with there Go Karts and their members to instruct and manage the day?

So you could ask for a copy of their RA & PLI


Good point, I’ll chat to them Monday.

This. You aren’t really qualified to risk assess this but they are. You should risk assess your generic bits regarding supervision etc but the actual track stuff needs to be done by the provider.

[quote=“themajor, post:3, topic:3075, full:true”]Your using Odiham Go Karting Club with there Go Karts and their members to instruct and manage the day?

So you could ask for a copy of their RA & PLI[/quote]
If you intend doing anything like this pay for it and just get the info from those that know as suggested.
I wish more places had been around like activity centres, which you can just dip in and out of, years ago, without the hassle of needing qualified staff. We take full advantage of local centres etc.

As ever…why not ask the Regional Safety Advisor? They usually have loads of Risk Assessments they can send out.

No, no, no use the provider. They will have all the paperwork you can think of. No point in reinventing the wheel.

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Noted, but for general enquiries like this one was (Does anyone have a Risk Assessment), is that not what they’re paid for?

I have no idea what their paid for other than seat warming and being a pita. Another non job in the public sector.

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I just thought that if they’re there, why not use them…

@Monkey you have raised a valid point about utilising the RSA who is there to assist with RAs for more complex activities, on this occasion the activity is utilising an outside provider so it us not us to provide the RA or Insurance.

If you were building your own go kart and then doing time trials that would be a different conversation.

Already done, work with one of the carting members, had one on his Moss Drive. Sorted, Cadets loved it. Great evening.

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But are they any more qualified than us to write RAs for things, where we have the knowledge? If I wanted a ‘canoeing’ RA I’d speak to my mate who has been doing it for nigh on 40 years.
I thought they were invented to ‘help’ with shooting, but as there is so little to justify more than a 1-2 day a week, they now stick their noses into everything. All the while getting FTRS WO salaries, luvvly jubbly.

Your getting confused between the RSA & TSA.

Region Safety Advisor (RSA) - Civil Service H&S bod at Region responsible for completing Sqn H&S Inspections and providing H&S advice etc they also assist with RAs for complex activities.

Traning Safety Advisor (TSA) - FTRS WO all 6 are ex RAF Reg, they are to provide assurance to the DDH (Regional Commadant’s) for Shooting / Fieldcraft / AT.

Our local TSA is great, he has a wealth of experience that he he happy to share with the cadets, gets involved in activities.

Oh yes.

RSA, never had much time for them and likewise the TSA’s.
I’ve seen TSAs turn up for the start of DofE expeds and being somewhere between chocolate teapots/fireguards, in terms of pertinent input. It’s a bit “smile and wave, boys, smile and wave” and polite nodding and when they’ve gone, crack on.
As I don’t see the point of them I wouldn’t invite them or allow them anywhere near cadets.

Unfortunately for you, they don’t require your invite to turn up and see your cadets and activities. They are tasked by RCs to visit/audit the whole range of activities.

I know one TSA well enough to have had a talk about their remit, and his feelings on it. He is the first to admit that DofE/AT took them by surprise and is well outside of their comfort area. However, they have worked hard to upskill in those areas, read the relevant publications, and work themselves into a position whereby they can genuinely be of service to the volunteer. And actually, visiting your DofE event, without knowing much about it or being able to contribute, is all part of their learning experience to better understand the activity area. As for their specialist areas of shooting and fieldcraft, they hit the ground running and have injected much good in my area. I for one value their input, and in all honesty, they’ve been far more use to me than any other Region post, volunteer or otherwise.