Ridiculous H&S policies


Lets get a little light hearted, i will start, wearing of goggles/safety specs for fieldcraft, yet npt for cross country running :joy::joy:


If you are using weapons then its not that bad an idea. Which im assuming thats directly where its come from.


They’re also used as a precaution for bungees springing back and taking an eye out


While you’re at it, don’t walk on cracks in the pavement.


It is a tradition that on St David’s Day new members of the Mess would eat a leek while standing on a chair with one foot on the table. It has now been decided that this is a dangerous practice and must stop. This would have been a good April Fools joke if it were not true.


In the CCF we were told some time ago not to use bungees for that very reason.


Monthly Ladder Inspections


That message doesn’t seem to have been passed on to all units, or not passed on to new staff or the cadets running the lessons


I dont use bungees with my cadets, we use either knots on string, or “nite ize cam jams” which are just awesome


We got caught by that after we stupidly left our steps out when the H&S bod came down. Mind you easiest one ever … are the steps there, yes, box ticked.
The only people I know to check ladders are the scaffolders in the village. I got some of their old ones a few years ago after they had to throw them out, ideal for decorating and window cleaning. Nothing wrong with them for household use.


Do have a link for the cam jams?




Thanks ordered some on Amazon to try!


Theyre awesome mate, just be aware that you cant use the old green string as itll just fray, it needs to be paracord, melt the cut ends to a point and youre good to go, no mucking around with bungees


Comes with cord included apparently - will report back when they arrive.


Please don’t tell me this is actually a thing?


Whats that?


Safety googles for fieldcraft.


Yup, someone somewhere clearly had to justify their existence​:joy::joy:


Nearly got RSI after rewriting the core risk assessments for my Squadrons in my Wing!!