RIAT Rangers

I’ve just seen the RIAT 2022 event on cadet portal and one of the special teams is the Rangers, which is a staff cadets only thing. And by the time the camp rolls around I’ll be a staff cadet.

So what do they do? As I don’t want to set myself up for something I would hate.

A history of the Rangers

Something like this I expect?


I imagine it’s simply a rebranding of the old RIAT SWOT team.

Basicslly a team of cadets who should be able to do any task and used as support or fixers where needed.


You need to have a valid WHT on daggers and have your Bronze musician badge.green-ranger


Probably their job will be building and striking of the camp, general help and fixers and assisting with the show. normally older and more mature cadets and staff cadets who can work independently and with less direction be self-sufficient and highly resourceful, just like the Rangers of the past.

Corps Marksman on bow and arrow too.


Going to be men in tights sort of stuff, warming up for the heists.

It’s this.

I think there are RIAT volunteers called rangers too and as the SWAT/SWOT teams used to work closely with them anyway they just renamed them to bring them in line.

It’s a lot of setting up the infrastructure for the show - I’ve never done it myself but knowing people who have there are a lot of cones and crowd barriers involved.

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“Special Work And Taskings” (I think)

But yes, lots of fences and cones.

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This rebrand better come with a theme tune, obviously a rewrite of the theme to chip and dale, rescue rangers.

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Only if Dennis Waterman can “write the theme tune sing the theme tune”.


Will there be 1000 Riat rangers?

The rags bit isn’t an issue, judging by recent uniform supply issues.

@MRAR has it spot on as does @Cadet04 with the original name.

@Baldrick the rebrand occurred in at least 2019 if not 2018 so is now past tense

It’s basically turning airfield into airshow.

Unlike what @Mr_OZ suggests none of the tasks are on the Air Cadet campsite but all on the airshow building and erecting fences, barriers, triple R (temporary Road surface), plenty of “cone and rope”