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so as anyone I want to try and get the best air cadet experience as possible, and so this year I would like to do three things go to RIAT camp go to national aerospace camp and get into the national marching band as I am a prominent member of my wing and region band. but I don’t know how to do this my OC is hardly ever there and my other staff don’t know anything that’s going on like when can I bid for these things I have hardly been on any other camps that aren’t local because I am simply not told about them anyone have any ideas ???


Firstly - there’s no point slating your staff on here, it won’t achieve anything.

The best thing to do is to go about this sort of stuff your own way. Join the RIAT group on Facebook, and the warning ordrr will be released on there no doubt. As for NMB, if you havent got an application form then I can email you one. Fill in these forms and then simply ask your sqn to sign them - or even better, instead of going to all that bother, ask them about it! I’m sure they’re not intentionally being ‘bad’, so have a chat with them and make your intentions known.

Good luck


I would be careful denigrating your CO and staff. One of the best things about ACC is that a lot of people come on here and comment about things. You don’t know if your CO or staff read this and some of your comments are negative, verging on slanderous, especially calling post “Bad Staff” (I would recommend changing that!).

Have you spoken to your CO about your aspirations? Are your staff aware as well?
If you are in your Region Band, surely they will
assist with any application to the NMB?

I think that your aspirations are very achievable, but there is a lot of competition for all these events. I admire your drive, but you must be careful on how you go about achieving them. Burning bridges with your staff and CO is not the way to go about trying to achieve what you want.


It may be worth keeping an eye on the official RAFAC social media channels as there has been a tendency in recent years (however much this annoys certain older people on this forum) for announcements to be made there looking for interest form cadets and staff.

Actual applications would (ideally) be made via the squadron and squadron staff will be able to get access to the relevant information, but you may need to “politely prompt” them and express your interest as often as necessary until you make progress :wink:

Speaking as a squadron adjutant, we get a lot of info coming to squadrons and a lot of the time there is very little interest or the logistics of things make it tricky. We will mention some opportunities in passing at the squadron, but other times (mostly for local events) we will publicise it more fully. It just isn’t worth sticking up an interest sheet for every single opportunity out there as things would soon get lost in the melee. There could be similar “bottlenecks” happening at wing or regional level too, especially for national events. I find it helpful if cadets keep an eye out on their particular areas of interest and come to me with specific requests - I can then dig out the pertinent info and pass it on.


One word of advice. Despite your CO not being around DO NOT go round him or her as this is giving a very clear message and being very disrespectful. You’re doing the right thing and wanting to get the best from your time in the ATC but you need to follow the chain of command and give the Squadron the opportunity to get you on these events. If you don’t then you will probably alienate yourself and we will see posting about not being considered for promotion :-).

These events come up with plenty of warning, if you don’t see your CO, write a short but respectful note for him/her and leave on their desk so that they see it when they probably pop in to the Squadron outside the parade evening. Failing that, get your parents to send a note to their e-mail address (oc.@aircadets.org) so that he/she knows you are keen to do these event. The e-mail should be respectful, not slagging off for not being around.

Quite often we forget that staff are volunteers so take the softly softly approach to start with.


RIAT has changed from being individual Squadron bids to a Wing Allocation. This normally comes out around this time of year. The details can be found by your staff on the RIAT SharePoint Site.

National Aerospace Camp
This year there were about 10 cadet spaces per wing, details including application were issued around march time IIRC. This is a popular camp so competition is high, application has been online based since inception. Ask your staff to email the Wing Aviation or Aerospace Officer for more details and keep a look out on Social Media for 2 FTS, as it is advertised on there.

National Marching Band
The calling notice for 2019 Band camps was issued as a HQAC SharePoint Announcement last month. The calling notice indicates that applications close Fri 14 Dec, the initial camp takes place from Sat 13 – Sat 20 Apr 19.


Your Adj or Training Officer should be notified on all the above you have mentioned. You should also have access to a generic bader account you can look ( read only) at also to see when courses have become available. Hope this helps. Good luck


I have been told you can only have access to BADER if you have completed the level 1 information safeguarding in ultilearn and cadets under 18 cannot have access.


I get a fraction of the information our Adj does, apparently Training Officer’s don’t need to know.


It was a nightmare keeping up with all of the camps last year. I had cadets on RIAT, Choir, STEM, D&C, Super, Nijmegen, Shooting, Aerospace and Annual camps last year. All bids coming out on different times with different booking requirements. Plus cadets hedging their bets by applying for more than one camp and by getting one they would not go on another or being awarded places on camps that clash.

Staff dropping the ball sometimes can be understandable.


I agree with that. It’s really difficult to keep up with everything - that’s not even taking wing and Squadron stuff into account.