Riat main camp 2019

hi just wondering what you get up to on the main camp of riat if your a cadet also i have heard about specialisatations eg comms

See planes take off…fly upside down and then land again


To save repeating myself take a look here

Depends which Wing you’re in as only half the Wings this year have been allocated Main Camp places! But the ones that haven’t will be allocated places next year and places for Aerospace Camp this year.

Thames valley

Laser has been allocated places this year, so see your Sqn OC and a ask him/her to contact the Thames Valley Wing RIAT Point of Contact and bid for the places. Good luck!

Thames Valley is South West, and have been allocated places.

Ask your staff to check the Wing Mail Drop for the details, I’m sure it’s been published.

it would seem it has

Click here to TVW MailDrop RIAT item

thanks we have I was just wondering what it is like and if I should apply

click on the RIAT Camp link in my first reply above,

alternative if you are on Social Media, namely Facebook search RIAT for Air Cadets which has a page which might be of use…