RIAT extended camp


I’ve been selected for RIAT extended this year, and it’s my first time. There were around 10 allocations for my wing, and I just wanted to know how many cadets are usually on the extended, and anything else I might need to know if people are willing to share

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I don’t know much about the RIAT Camp I’m afraid, but this Facebook page would be a good place to look through.

There will be about 150 cadets on extended. Unless you’re on a specific tasking (comms, logs etc) you will be on a build flight. We will build enough tents on day 1 for us all to have a bed space that night. Over the next 3 days we will build everything else that the campsite needs.

When main camp arrive our primary role is campsite maintenance. There will be a few showside tasks, but you will get plenty of time off to go and see the show.

When main go home, we take it all down again ready to hand the site back to the USAF.

That’s pretty cool.
Will be nice to talk to cadets from farther afield than W&W

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There will be people who come from about as far away as you can get from wales in any direction!