Riat 2014

Evening all

I am organising a day trip to RIAT this year for my sqn and local sqns, im just doing the pipe for approval but I need a copy of RIATS public liability insurance, and as yet I have not had it sent through to me by RAFCT.

So was just wandering if there is anyone on here taking cadets and have a copy of the PLI they could send me.


You shouldn’t need a PIPE FFS!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

It’s a national event, organised by the RAFCT. If your Wing HQ think they know something the RAFCT don’t know, point them in my direction for re-education.

And breath…

Maybe I dont need to do a pipe but iv always done one for riat and have never been told I dont have to its just always been authorised.

Iv always been a little confused as to what needs a pipe and what doesnt, as I see there is now a section on bader for “Other” what would come under that?