Returning to uniform from retirement

I had been a Flt Lt VR(T) rank and not long ago retired retaining my rank from the ATC(about4 or 5 years tops).
However circumstances have changed in my life and I’ve been thinking about returning to the ATC again,as it’s still always been still there in my heart and miss it.
Does anyone know though,
A) can I return again into the ATC as a uniform staff member?
B) Would I be able to return again holding my rank of Flt Lt.?

Can’t say 100% but I was told if you leave and go back and want to go into uniform you will need to start from the bottom. So that would be OASC and then they may bypass the 2 year probation as Plt Off but in the current climate of trying to ensure things like time served Flt Ltd are done away with I don’t believe you will get your rank back.

As I say nothing in stone only what I was told by my Wing Co

No need for OASC just a chat / interview with the RC… I’ll dig out the reference later.

Ok great thank you await for the reference themajor. Just hope they wud accept me back and want me lol

An ex OC of mine did this. He was recommissioned with a report from the Wing Co to the RC. Originally recommissioned to Fg Of for about a year then bumped up

As mentioned before, it’s a short interview with your RC and Wg Cdr.

WRT retaining rank, I seem to remember that you’ll revert to a Fg Off but on completion of 1 years service, return to Flt Lt.

You will, of course, need to change to the CFC and relinquish your VRT.

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In terms of rank, there is a matrix based on previous service, but this doesn’t include previously retired officers from VR(T) ATC returning and refers instead to Regular, Reserve & Auxiliary which is to Flying Officer (highest substantive rank within RAFAC) and immediate eligibility for further promotion subject to filling an established vacancy.

to offer my 2 pennies

We had a returning Flt Lt, his changes were more significant. A family, change of job and relocation to a separate region completely meant it was closer to 10 years out of uniform.
now this was ~6 years ago so things may have changed but he was welcomed in following the suggested chats/interviews mentioned above and then came in as a Fg Off.
Promotion to Flt Lt didn’t come until a role suiting the rank was held

If there’s a reference for that I’d love to see it, as I never got mine back!

It would appear its been removed from ACP20 and 1919 but it was there before the updates as one of our pilots did this in 2017