Return to Uniform Honorary?

Can anybody help me regarding returning to uniform but with a disability and now 66 years old is there anything like an honorary W/O as I was about 15 years ago? Or a fast track back without all the courses ect ect as I have a bad side effect from chemotherapy painful feet so cannot March too far but need uniform to take drill and also looks better out front instead of CI polo shirt :grin: maybe Carol Vordaman Commission?

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Can’t help with the specifics (sorry!) but there’s been a few threads on this recently regarding disabilities and the varying degrees of acceptance across the corps.

Short answer, RAFAC is absolutely 100% bound by the equalities act. To have a uniformed staff be able to do the roles and duties of a uniformed member of staff, but just not take part in drill seems a pretty reasonable adjustment. You’ll still be able to teach it, advise, coach etc I’d imagine? Just can’t March. Totally reasonable.

There’s a seemingly ever growing shortage of uniformed staff and I’d imagine your arm will be bitten off to get you back.

Same for the uniformed age limit, this is RAFAC, not the RAF, it can’t discriminate based upon your age!

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There is a process for returning staff or those who’ve previously served in the forces whereby you board with the Regional Commandant and then are re-appointed at a rank of their disgression.

Imagine being an ex-WO1 in the regulars and then the RC designates you a Sgt still.


Not all trades are created equal…


I could imagine the reply would be short sharp and pithy.

Remember not all regulars can cross over to be effective youth leaders.
Perhaps a very senuor position (WO in rafac) isnt appropriate for some. Regardless of other life experiences.