Resources for staff personal development

I’m fully expecting to be laughed at for starting this topic, but 2 questions occurred to me while looking at some of the material provided by my employer.

This includes a variety of e-learning about interpersonal skills, leadership, planning etc as well as the Bookboon site which gives a number of e-books on these topics. Some are actually quite useful and I can see the value to help RAFAC staff develop themselves, especially when taking on more challenging roles.

  1. I’m not aware of anything similar for RAFAC staff, unless I’ve missed it?

  2. Are there similar, low cost, resources that could be shared with RAFAC staff? Perhaps RAF or MOD resources that could be offered to us?

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I’m not aware of the soft skills development that you’re discussing really being available within the Corps. Sure, you can get ILMs at a discount that offer some elements, but nothing else really springs to mind.

The only development I’ve seen available is for specified qualifications. Whilst the cost is still lower than through general civilian organisations, they’re also not anywhere near as cheap as they used to be.


I was thinking of material that you could dip in and out of more than a qualification e.g. if there’s a difficult conversation coming up, there might be some advice/training available to help prepare.

Not surprised that we don’t have anything at the moment. Anyone know about RAF/MOD material?

The active bystander training on DLE has sone stuff about difficult conversations (albeit for certain limited scenarios).

I’m sure there are plenty of organisations and content hosts that could be approached for a 1-off licensing fee and/or credited hosting of free resources with the option of further paid courses.

The main road block to such would probably be material vetting of the lowest cost options and the most reputable sources being least open to such an arrangement.