Reranking no. 1s

Is it easy/acceptable to put a new set of chevrons on no. 1s? Or am I better off going to a tailor (bearing in mind my nearest military tailor is about 1h30 away) - unless civvie tailors can do it.

I did mime myself…but when i get my WO im getting them done by a tailor as it caused tantrums

Was it hard? Does it look good?

It wasnt the easiest but it looked ok in the end. Took a few attempts

I also did my own.

Took much much longer measuring and making sure it’s square than actually sewing. But worth it

I’ve been doing it (on Army No.2 dress) by hand for years. Civvie tailors (and many dry cleaners) are also quite up to the task. It isn’t difficult. The main thing its to pin it in place and measure religiously to make sure it is in the right place and at the right angle.

Thanks chaps

Be careful to get a quote though as I’ve heard people get ripped off for this so basic (for a professional tailor) order. Also depends how much money you have to give to your No.1s as to whether or not you do it yourself.

Hope it works out alright.

My local tailor said she’d do it for a fiver if I gave her the measurements. Job sorted

@A400m That’s a good deal.

Might ask her to alter the sleeves whilst I’m at it. Always nice to support a local small business

Agreed. At least it’s not going to the deep pockets of a corporation CEO. Small businesses all the way

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Done my 1s and 5s myself. First time I tried it I sewed the lining of my 5s shut!

If you’ve not done it yet and are going to do it yourself, the best advice I can give is hang the jacket when pinning, tack stitch it into place, then put the jacket on and check the position in the mirror.