Requirements for CWO

Having looked through the latest PI503, I haven’t found any requirement for a CWO to have achieved Instructor Cadet.

The only stipulation I can see is over 18 and on allowable wing strength. Is this the case? I have a cadet who I want to push for CWO, but the last CMOI courses have either been cancelled or unrealistic with their weekend work.

Other than that, I feel this cadet is deserving of his chance of promotion. Thoughts please…

MoI isn’t a requirement. Crack on.

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Awesome. Thank you.

I know that locally my wing requirements are completed the AVIP & MOI but these are requirements that should be met so are therefore flexible if required…

Policy for the sake of roadblocks…

AVIP is an absolute requirement for any ATC cadet over 18, and being 18 is an ATC requirement for CWO.
For a CWO in the CCF(RAF) it isn’t a requirement at all.