Reproofing a 12x12


I have some old 12x12 tents that need some TLC.

The canvas is in mostly good order, but could do with some form of re-waterproofing. Has anyone done this, and what was the best solution?


My first thought was Nikwax.

This thread seems to offer some similar advice:

I would imagine any similar reproofing spray would work.


We use Nikwax or Grangers (whichever is cheaper! ) once every 5 years or so.


Thanks guys. Will look into it.


Personally I would recommend Fabsil. Far better and you can literally just paint it on!


yeah, fabsil is the way to go.

you pitch the tent inside out, get your cadets to paint the stuff on, let it dry and Bobs your Mums gentleman caller.

don’t leave the cadets in there too long though, they’ll get properly banging high, and go and nick some motors.



In my experience, the best way to waterproof a 12x12 is to assemble it correctly.
I don’t think ours has ever been reproofed and it is fine.


Standard re-proofer for Land Rover canvas tilts amongst those of us running old Series vehicles is Thompsons Water Seal. Large can lasts for years, the reproofing is just a case of paint it on and it will keep it waterproof for a couple of years. Given that it’s permanently out in the elements on a Landy, I suspect it’ll last even longer on a 12x12 that’s not outside 12 months a year.