Replacement Squadron Banner

Evening All,

Our Squadron is in dire need of a new squadron banner. This would include the full works, i.e, gold trimmings, tassels, holster, case, and pole.

The banner we have currently is printed, however these printed areas are embroidered onto the flag itself if that makes sense.

Has anyone gone through this recently, and have anywhere to recommend as to where we could procure this?


Newton and Newton Flags.

NOT the cheapest but the best I felt for quality.
We got ours replaced 2 years ago and can’t fault them

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Fully agree. Paid the price but got a quality banner

The standard, in sky blue with the ATC crest central, and the squadron crest in the top left hand corner of the standard. PRICE - £865

And the following accessories from the PDF file:

  • 7’ x 1 ¼” pole for ACF / ATC. PRICE - £90
  • 9ft long GOLD coloured banner cords and tassels. PRICE - £30
  • Brown leather sling with brown leather carrying bucket. PRICE - £40
  • Solid brass bucket insert. PRICE - £30
  • ATC Drill cover bag in black leatherette. PRICE - £25

Total price comes to £1080

Plus 20% VAT - £1296

This is a quotation I have received from Newton, does this look similar to what you guys got?

yes looks about right.

quick thing to point out before ordering…
the PI instruction relating to banners states
the Banner shouldn’t have a badge in the top corner, however if you speak to your WingCo he can give you permission. I would get it before ordering as some people are VERY pedantic!

don’t think you need the brass bucket, again check the PI

and definitely get the Sky blue.

I recommend the brass bucket as it makes a nice noise when you put the pike down into it.
Also remember: no gauntlets!

The “printed sections sewn on” is a fairly standard practice for our Banners and is called “appliqué”.

I third recommend Newton Newton.

I’m going to go against convention and recommend Flying Colours Flagmakers. They have done really good work for us in the past and will do what you want, as well as supply all the extras if necessary (not sure on the leatherette drill bag).

They will likely be much cheaper than New Newton with no discernible loss of quality. It wouldn’t hurt to get a quote from multiple sources anyway.

We had a new banner produced this year by a local company, Zephyr, who were excellent and can highly recommend them.