Replacement Ensign

Afternoon boys and girls.

Our Ensign is on its last legs and is in dire need of replacing. We’ve spoken to Wing, who have told us that these are no longer available through stores.

  1. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Does anyone know of a place to get hold of one?

Not avaliable through storea

Newton newton flags might have them

The ATC ensign is available through stores and has an NSN which was poster on here some years ago. Try a search?

After a very quick search

It is about the fifth comment.

If their wing says that they are no longer available through stores, then I guess that might not help a whole lot.
The assumption is that the OP’s wing/stores have bothered to check this and aren’t just making stuff up.

Have spoken to Newton Newton. They recommended printed polyester, so sounds like they don’t make the proper woven version. Will investigate further!

I got poly ones for roadmarching from another company who also do properly made flags - let me check…

This was my first port of call, but wing seem to think they’re unavailable. With the trouble with stores and contracts etc at the moment everything is a bit up in the air

Go to and search for Air Training Corps

standard ensign (according to AP1896) is 4’ x 2’
You will probably be looking for a sewn flag with Inglefield clips.

That looks promising. Thanks!

All depends if they are Suppliers or Stores; Suppliers will let you have one, whereas Stores won’t :shushing_face:

If you can’t get one through the system, any reputable flag maker will knock one up for you if you can give them the design. I personally use for all that stuff these days as they offer great value for money and quality items.

Still available from barrack stores. I ordered one the other day and it came through the system in a week.

I like Flying Colours too, but my sewn rank pennant has faded quite a bit in 2 years. Admittedly it’s been up continuously. Its predecessor (printed) lasted better.

An interesting subject that no ATC Ensigns are available through the Supply Chain. As a Logistics (Supplier), who is now a Volunteer ex-Regular Reserve WO, employed in Youth Engagement, I have done some digging. We have a recently delivered brand ATC Ensign, at my unit, that was ordered to fly at the Cadet Memorial on the anniversary date.
Here is the catalogue description and NSN:
Flag UK Air Training Corps 61 x 122cm

Hope that this helps. Not all Suppliers are Storemen…