Remuneration - hours done before claiming pay


Does anyone know what the minim amount of hours you have to do before claiming pay? And what document this is in.


8 I believe.

Instruction 308 Para 7 of ACP 300 refers.


Think its 8 hours, including travelling time.


Yep the moment from you leaving your front door to the moment you step back in. If over 8 hours…you’re eligible for pay


Remember though, 4 hours min needs to be at the place of duty.


I thought travelling time only counted if that was with Cadets?


Then why ask? I’ve always taken the start of duty to be when you arrive at or begin an activity related task (such as collecting equipment to then transport on to a third location). Having a cadet with you (to me) should count as duty.

This kind of 3-tier thing with “travel”, “travel with cadets”, “at place of duty” seems daft and my example above is a potentially grey 4th. Anyone know where anything specific to these is in black and white?

  1. Continuous RAFAC Duty. When eligible to receive remuneration, one day’s remuneration will be issued for a period of continuous duty from 8 hours up to 24 hours inclusive whether wholly in one day, or partly in one day and partly in another, subject to the completion of at least 4 hours attendance at the place of RAFAC duty . For periods in excess of 24 hours, remuneration will be issued for each day (midnight to midnight) when the Officer, WO or SNCO ATC is required to attend for 8 hours’ duty or more and completes at least 4 hours attendance at the place of duty. An 8 hour period will begin and end at the Officers’, WOs’ or SNCOs’ RAFAC unit or home, whichever period is the shorter. For Chaplains duties refer to FI 314, paragraph 7.

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