Remuneration and 1771

Hello all,

Does anyone know where to turn too to find out where some remuneration and mileage claims are.

I submitted several Account form 80 and a 1771 totaling a little under £600 at the beginning of December and I havent had anything back since.

Chase it up through wing.
It is getting to the time (end of financial year) where HQAC accounts bury their heads in teh ground and refuse to answer any direct questions.

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We had something submitted mid December that was only just returned for some missing details…

So they’re not exactly quick.

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My november ones got paid last week so certainley a delay

Potentially a stupid question (still along the thread though) - does anyone know if there’s a list of what days we can claim for and what we can’t. I know camps and courses are usually fine but what about squadron activities (one day shoots or museum trips)?


Read ACP 300.

That’s far too simple - thanks though!

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Just looked and seen I have been paid travel for an event one month ago, can’t argue about that, takes my employer longer to pay expenses! Interestingly enough though the pay for the same event was paid within two weeks.

My Home to Duty 6 month claim was given to our Wing HQ in January, the money was in my bank a couple of weeks ago. May I suggest to to OP that there is a problem and that they should chase it up starting at the Wing HQ.

Start at WHQ and see what they say. I suspect they will blame HQAC but it’s likely not.

HQAC are processing the extra pay days at the moment which will be adding a little extra burden but not a lot.

I havent submitted my extra days yet these are days from last year that was submitted in december. I have a further 12 to claim for from this year so far… I have sent it through WHQ to chase it up.

I’ve claimed (numerous times) for one day Wg shoot events & other activities such as PTT or AEF. No issues.

If you take cadets, make sure that their names on listed on the F1771.