Remembrance parade: no uniform

I joined the ATC about a month ago and haven’t yet received my uniform. Next week is the remembrance parade, and I was wondering what would happen if I still don’t have my uniform then? Would I be allowed to take part, or would I have to miss it? It’s a compulsory event, and I don’t know whether that applies to me as well.

  1. There is no such thing as a compulsory event, regardless of what your staff may claim. This is a voluntary organisation. That said, we do strongly encourage participation in key events such as this.

  2. Whether you can attend in civilian clothing will be up to your squadron or the parade organisers. My squadron permits new cadets to parade without uniform, but that may not be suitable for other locations. Regardless, you would always be welcome as a spectator or supporter, even if there was no place for you on the actual parade

Thanks for your reply,
If my squadron did allow me to parade in civvies, what would I be expected to wear?

They would be clear on that when they gave permission, but I would expect something smart (like school uniform, though hopefully not actually school uniform.)

Wear something smart, talk to your staff and tell them that you would really like to go.

I praise you for your enthusiasm however, only being a cadet for one month would be quite a challenge for you to be ready for a parade. The Squadron probably want to teach you how to look after your uniform, how to march as well as know what to do on parade.

This time round, go along to support your Squadron but watch from the sidelines. Civvies would be what you feel comfortable in but at the same time respectful for the event.

The October intake of my unit usually wear school uniform and parade behind our band (we lead our local parade). The training they need for this is included in their basic training, although it’s cutting it fine this year.
Having been in the October intake myself when I joined, I always remember it as being a little scary as an idea, being on a public parade 5 weeks after joining, but afterwards I realised it wasn’t actually that big a deal, and it was a huge relief - the attitude of the NCOs at the time really proved I was in the right organisation at the time (plus seeing the band play - if you couldn’t tell, I was a drummer in the band myself as a cadet, and have been involved in other musical ventures too)

All I can say is (after my rambling) don’t stress about it, ask at your unit if you aren’t sure (or email in - try your squadron number, someone should respond) and have a good breakfast before the parade!

It depends where you are parading and who can be allowed to participate. In our area it is uniformed cadets only, however for new cadets in school uniform we take them along and they help sell the poppies to people.
Ask the question to your staff can you attend the parade? If they say no then ask, what about helping selling poppies at the parade in my school uniform?

They may be open to that idea

For us any cadets not in uniform have always worn school uniform with no dramas.

Why not just ask at the squadron, rather than come on here, where we haven’t got any idea what your squadron does or doesn’t do.

Because generally they’ll be an inexperienced cadet who worries about coming across as silly if they ask in person. What business of yours is it why someone joins and posts anyway?


Years past we have let our cadets come in school uniform. But as above either ask your JNCO or I’m sure by this week they will let you know what they want you wear.

We don’t know how different squadrons operate. Where there is nothing official laid down, we do our own thing or variation on a theme and when people come on here asking a general question, we all pitch in, but have no idea what their squadron does, so asking question of someone at the squadron would be easiest, rather than getting a load of bum steers. Mind you it is pretty poor that with a week to go cadets aren’t aware.

We make it very clear from day one when cadets join as to what is expected and make sure parents are fully aware also, with reminders as we go along.

Thought I’d just give an update:
I did the parade today, in school uniform, positioned in the middle of the squad so I wasn’t really seen.

Thank you everyone for your replies, and in answer to the question as to why I didn’t ask at the squadron: I’m a very anxious person and am not very good at talking to people, also, was under the impression that those cadets who had asked were told that they’d be informed later on. Either way, it all worked out, and thanks again for the replies!


Exactly what we did with our lot.

No doubt you did exceptionally and did both yourself and your squadron proud.