Remembrance Day traffic management drama

Saw this article. Anyone else experiencing this? I wonder if this will now reflect a wider attitude to Remembrance Day parades by Local Authorities / the Police, we’ve certainly not had any issue.

What attitude? Neither the council or police has done anything wrong. Sound like the police have kindly helped out for free in the past, but can’t anymore. The article says they were told after 2021 that they wouldn’t be able to help anymore.

There’s more to this than meets the eye. You generally don’t need qualified personnel to put in the closure. You get permission from the local council under the Town Police Clauses Act, and then it’s up to you to organise it. I can’t find anywhere on Hackney’s council website that specifies that you need anyone qualified to do the closure.

I’ve been involved with closures in 3 separate local authority areas and have never needed qualified people on the barriers.

I think whoever went to the press (seemingly the CWC chair) is trying to use public pressure against the police, when it’s really got nothing to do with them.

This became the case in most of the country years ago.

A quick Google reveals the same story every year since 2017.

Pre-planned road closures aren’t the job of the Police, you want to run an event you get your own traffic management sorted.

Well it would be fair to say that (in my experience at least), any costs associated with road closures aren’t met by Squadrons. So the attitude I refer to is: “pay for it yourselves”.

I’m not criticising however, just interested to see if this reflects a wider change in other local authority areas.

The closures I’ve done have always been manned by RAFA/RBL/Parish Council etc volunteers. I think what’s happened here is whoever organises this parade has got too used to the police doing it, and haven’t thought about it this year until a month or two before.

I don’t think the attitude is really ‘pay for it yourselves’. That’s just the norm, and what happens in most places. Realistically there shouldn’t actually be a cost as it can be done by volunteers (normally!)

Based upon the Police comments it appears they were told last year that the Police wouldn’t be doing it anymore and they just haven’t gotten their fingers out.

I do wonder if where they want to parade is classed as London Strategic Road as they have different rules and regulations associated with them.

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Ahhhh toy throwing

Someone from this squadron actually phoned in to LBC during the prime time morning show with Nick Ferrari earlier this week. I was surprised and they said something like ‘we’ll march down the streets even if it means we’re all arrested’ - They seem to have reconsidered that approach now.

I was personally surprised that the grievance was being aired on national radio.

Muppet. That does nothing but make them look like a lunatic.


Was it a cadet by any chance?

Probably Civ Com

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