Remembrance as Civilian

Morning all!

This’ll be my first remembrance not in a uniform in a great number of years! Be suited and tied up as per but wondering people’s thoughts around what tie I would wear?

For reference, I’ll be involved in the parade still. Wearing a RAF tie or something tri-service feels a bit walty?


Not sure if you were commissioned but there was a VR(T) tie that would be fine.

I don’t think people would mind much about the standard RAF tie, particularly if you have a formal role & are wearing medals.

Isn’t there an ATC tie that former or civvie attired CFAV could wear?

There was a SNCO one

It shouldn’t make any difference really as to what you wear - what matters is that you turned up. I find some of my CIs wear a suit and their medals from their own service/family medals, some bring their families and wear casual gear. Ultimately I couldn’t really care less about it, whatever they feel comfortable in is fine and like I say that they are attending.


Just wear a RAF tie if you have one…

Don’t overthink it. In my mind, being there and paying respect is all that matters.


You have an affiliation and you’re recognising that. Not walty.


I second both these comments

There are veterans out there who only did national service, never saw “action” or even left the country who will display a regiment tie or wear a beret. I don’t think wearing a tie is out of place - I know people on my parade wear their rugby club tie as because they support the team, or perhaps used to play for the local team…I don’t see it being any different.


Technically it was just a VR tie as the (T) bit was always a bit of a strange add on by us. (Does anyone else add their brands to their post nominals?).


Sorry yes you are correct - force of habit :slight_smile:

You been talking to @wilf_san :wink:

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That’s settled it then, bought a RAF tie, going to grab an overcoat as well as it gets cold and luckily still have my brown gloves too incase my precious fingers get cold!

Can’t find any VR ties, some RAF ones seem to be marked as Reg so if there’s a kosher supplier you can post a link to?

I too might be in civvies this year so would be a good thing to have.

Thought can’t really beat RAFA for the standard one.

Next place had a VR one but no VR(T)

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Sorry the tie got the VR(T) is the VR one - if your were VR commissioned (as it says on your scroll) you are eligible. :slight_smile:

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I think I might go for the Royal Flying Corps one!

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Amazon stocks the VR tie.


Interesting, does anyone know why the stripes on the RAF tie are red, white, blue, whereas we wear the stable belt in Blue, White, Red?


Also to add - if you were uniformed then you could get away with the attire as mentioned with your Beret too. Seems to be the standard for those formed on parades

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Well for a start their is no white, it’s wedgewood blue.


Well ok. But doesn’t answer why it is reversed?

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