Hello all, I first joined my local squadron in April 2018 (wow that’s coming up on 4 years ago) at the age of 12. Anyways, I continued to go for another nearly two years until of course COVID put an end to parade nights in March 2020. During lockdown I decided I didn’t want to return when sqn reopened, so I took my uniform in and I must’ve been removed from bader etc. Now it’s coming up on 2022, I’m 16 and in year 11, I’m thinking I want to give it another go, I was wondering if anyone knows what I would have to do to be re enrolled? Would I have to attend lessons for first class cadet etc all over again for example? Or could I pick up where I left off? I did accumulate quite a few badges during the time I was there, all of which I still have on my brassard that I ‘forgot’ to give back. Would I have to redo the course for each badge or would I be allowed to keep them? Sorry for the long post, after all this time I’ve lost touch with this sort of thing so I’m a bit puzzled. Thanks in advance guys!

Providing you left within the last year, if you contact your squadron, they will be able to reinstate you onto the system. All your old badge and courses should carry over if they are still in date. Your squadron staff may ask you to sit in on some basic training just to refresh your knowledge and update you on the changes since you’ve left. If it has been over a year, I believe they will either need to raise a helpdesk to recover your record if it hasn’t been permanently deleted or will need to create a new record and manually re-add all your previous quals.

Uniform may need to be re-ordered from your parent station as squadrons were told to not re-issue any returned kit over COVID.

TLDR: Ask your squadron and they will be able to sort things out one way or another to get you back in.


Thats right, they are archived after 12 months but not deleted for much longer.

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