Regulations not on sharepoint


I am a CCF cadet, and we haven’t got sharepoint. Wonder if there are any good websites with new(ish) regulations?


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Which regulations are you after? Your contingent commander, SSI and section OC should all have a Bader SharePoint login and can access the regulations. If they think you need them they can share with you.

Sorry for the ambiguity. It was for no particular reason, just personal research. I was mainly after uniform regs to be honest.

Here’s the new ACP 1358: :slight_smile:

Not sure it’s the most recent copy, but it’s dated December, so I doubt there would have been an update since (or just a very minor one if there was…)

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Yeah this is the latest


Did most of our ACPs and other documents not get anonymous links created so those without SharePoint access can still view the most up to date document, ie via cadet portal? Would it not be worth having a page somewhere that is public with a list of all these links? @Ben_Wakefield an idea maybe :thinking:

We don’t even have portal. The link will help, thanks.

The problem is, the page with all the links is on SharePoint :sweat_smile:

So I can send you a link for example to ACP 20 and that will work for anyone, and always be up to date. But there’s no public list of all of these links. And of course some documents won’t have public links for obvious reasons!


OK thanks.

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