Region (or Wing) Band Transport

Hi all, apologies for creating a new topic but I couldn’t find anything relating to my questions… so here we are!

Does anyone struggle with transport arrangements for local music activities? Pre-lockdown our numbers weren’t too bad and we were able to sustain a reasonable number of cadet participants through staff supporting with SOVs.

Since restarting post lockdown, we’ve had a real struggle in terms of getting transport arranged. (Either SOVs are VOR, staff aren’t available to drive, etc). Having received a number of emails from cadets that they’re happy to attend but don’t have the means to make the journey without ATC transport doesn’t help!

The ultimate solution would be to book Phoenix transport at public expense but I’m told that’s not allowed for music training and we don’t have the funds to fork out for the hire. Any ideas, I’d be most grateful! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You may be able to get a grant from your local council or other organisation as I’m sure this sort of thing falls under charitable cause or community cause.

You could also raise the fee for being apart of the band to raise money.

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