Region COS

Note that the role of ARC has been retitled COS Region.

Any inkling as to why? Been great comms on this one…

Aside from the fact it sounds a bit cooler, I believe it fits better with naming conventions across the broader AF. It also better reflects their actual role and sounds a bit less “Personal Assistant” ish.

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Might also be linked to civil service job description & grading.

Maybe the ARCs got sick of the Assistant (to the) Regional Commandant jokes?


Real question…

Was this really because the Reg Cmdts have no faith in the ARCs and by calling them ARCs it made them sound more like deputies than they ever were capable of.

CoS… is a pers role.

Perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way round.

Its not a name change to make it better. But actually reflect their bumblingness.

Didn’t we have this conversation a few months back?

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But like 99% of stuff on here.
Same old arguments reappear.

Anything to do with the new Regional Senior Staff Officer appointments, to make it clearer(?), where the CoC is.

It might well be as that role seem to come out of no where & when I asked the WExO & paid staff what the role is about they didn’t know (I think they didn’t see much point to it either)

I can certainly see a bit of friction between ReSSO & ReCOS especially if the volunteer try’s to command the paid staff.

My understanding is that the regional SSO is to manage the regional CFAV posts - RATTO, RegFT, Sports, RWO etc. That then suggests the RegCOS will manage the WExOs and paid staff.


That would make a lot of sense as the ARC was always their line manager anyway.

This is my understanding and certainly how it works here.

Sounds to be typical of the Public Sector / CS, creating jobs for the sake of creating jobs. So now we have one job split into 2, with the prospect for more. Where is the money coming from to pay this additional salary? I imagine this will give RCs another bod to line manage, more meetings etc to show they are doing something. I wonder how they managed to create a business case for this non job.

The RSSO is a CFAV so no extra role or funding for salary. RSSO will line manage volunteers, so reducing the number of meetings for the RC that you’re so worried about.

You’ve misunderstood so no need to get outraged and start throwing out inaccurate generalisations.


I do wonder though how we’re going to be affected by JRM demanding reductions in numbers of civil service. We all know it’s the lower paid jobs they’ll get rid of

JRM is likly to be back benches come September so it depends on what the new guard look like…

Would be interesting to see a RC, RCoS or the commandant appear before a select committee- MPs may not know much about defence but they do about popularism &!volunteer management

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I’m asking the question as we do seem to a be black hole for jobs for the boys and girls and the public sector seems to create jobs when most private industries consolidate roles.
Still a job too many though.

Stop reading the Daily Heil. They might do this at the upper levels but at the lower levels (by which I mean below SCS/1* level) we’re generally chronically understaffed, particularly on the operational side. Most of the inefficiencies would be resolved by hiring more staff, at the moment we’re firefighting and holding things together. Do that and they could cut lots of lawyer jobs as there wouldn’t be so many mistakes happening). The CS is not the attractive job it may once have been, especially in RAFAC. We’re really struggling in the CCF to recruit and hold onto TEST officers, not sure what the WExO/ARC recruitment is like


Except for the pension, there’s no way I’d take a pay cut to join the CS. Not as high paying as most people think and can definitely earn more in the private sector.


The pension I agree is better than most in the private sector, but I for one know I’m unlikely to ever draw it with my health and family history so would rather have the money now