Referring to staff members

Ok so in March I was able to join a squadron for 1 week before lockdown and now we are starting the opening up process I have to reply an email to a staff member with uniform measurements how do I refer to them.

I hope this is a good place to ask.

Any help appreciated.

Generally use what ever they signed their email off with. It should have rank and surname.

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“good morning/afternoon/evening rank surname” should do it.

Then sign off with one of the classics - kind regards, best regards, many thanks, etc. Whatever feels appropriate and most like you.

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I could have sworn there was a format laid out somewhere, but I can’t find it (tried JSP101 v3,
the bits of JSP101 v4 in ATF docs, ACTO351…).

I’d go for something like

Sir / Ma’am / FS Bloggs,

Please find attached/below my new uniform measurements.


Cdt Jones

What all of the above references do suggest is keep it polite but to the point.

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So if they are a staff member and not a uniformed member of the ATC or the RAF (so a Civilian Instructor or someone on the Civilian Committee) then your best bet would just be answering Sir/Ma’am.

or Mr / Mrs / Miss XYZ

I mean, in the end they’ve been there 1 week, i’m not sure they’ll get told off super badly.