Recruitment Query - Volunteer Gliding Squadron - Roles?

Morning all,

Im new to the forum after looking into joining a Volunteer Gliding Squadron. The websites i’ve visited does not appear to have much detail in types of roles that will be available only the Volunteer Gliding Squadron Instructor is visible.

Im ex forces with no flying knowledge but i’m keen to learn and volunteer my free time to assist others.

My weekday evening time will be fine as i will be free however, i will only be available for a 1-2 weekends during the month.

So if anyone can help in telling me what roles are available and what the normal working hours are and how long a volunteer is normally present for please?

Thank you in advance,


Depends if there is a VGS near you?

From the sounds of it, it seems like an ATC Squadron is better for you.

Thank you for your reply @theunknown, the local VGS is : 644 Volunteer Gliding Squadron - RAF Syerston, Newark , which is about 10 miles away from me in Calverton, Nottingham.

At the moment i’m in the dark about type of roles available (and what they do etc…) as no matter where i look they only show Gliding Instructors ( and ) .

I understand due to my time constraints at weekends i may not be eligible to become a Gliding Instructor although this does interest me, I still wish to assist in any way I can.

Thank you again for your reply.

A VGS runs every weekend, cadet attendance normally starts at 0830 and will run until sunset / 1800, for the VGS Staff this is a longer day.

I don’t know what the commitment is for VGS Staff but the following posts are established for each VGS;

Sqn Ldr – Officer Commanding
Flt Lt – CFI
Flt Lt – Adjt
Flt Lt – Tech a/c
Flt Lt – Tech MT
Flt Lt – Chief Grd Instr
Fg Off – 2 x DCFI
Fg Off – FSO
Fg Off – Supply

SNCO Appointments

Sgt – Infra Mgr
Sgt – Cdt Liaison
Sgt – HSE
Sgt – IT Mgr

All other gliding instructors and staff will be SNCO status with a maximum level of 5 allocated per aircraft.

The Ground School staffing will be limited to 1 per aircraft allocated up to a maximum of 6 per VGS.

Your best option is to send an email to the VGS OC - and they will be able to explain in more detail to you.

If you are able to commit some weekday evenings and the occasional weekend then an ATC Squadron would be a better option for you.

Thank you for the reply @themajor, I’ve received an email back from the VGS and are not currently recruiting at present time so I will be now looking into joining an ATC Squadron locally.

Thank you again for your time.