Recruitment PVC banners

Anyone recommend any good places to get PVC banners made to advertise their unit etc?
Found but it strikes me as odd that you can get a 3m x 1m for under £70

I’ve seen places offering that sort of stuff for a similar price.
There probably isn’t a lot you can mess up with a 3m PVC banner and they are pretty standard.

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The price of banners has come down a lot in the last few years as the price of printing machines has come down and because of competition on the internet.

I’ve used firms on eBay lots of times in the past and never had a problem with them, and they offer prices even cheaper than the ones you have been quoted. Just search for ‘outdoor printed banner’. The first result has a 3ft by 10ft banner for £37.49! The ones I have outside my unit have lasted a good three years and have performed just as well as the HQAC adult recruitment one that was issued some years ago. PM me if you want links to companies etc. :slight_smile:

Whether you pay £37.49 or £70 the use that you will get out of it will be invaluable provided that its of good quality materials used as you will be using it on a regular basis throughout the year for the activities that you are doing is pure advertisement which is what the banner is for.

If you keep your banner say for 20 years in good nick that’s about £3.50 per year based on £70 proved nothing has changed in that time frame.

Also have you sort donations from various organisations within your local area to be able to pay for your banner.

We had some made up at our local sign shop. I supplied the artwork and they printed and finished the edges with eyelets the next day.
I can’t remember how much we paid but it wasn’t a lot.