Recruitment materials etc where to get

So when it comes to recruitment and fundraising materials etc who is it in the wing you speak to about this?
For example we would like an outside banner for the squadron that shows our squadron and days and times its open and that any teens can join just to walk in that kind of thing. Also everything to set up a stall etc.
The other thing was can we get like donation money boxes you know like alot of charities do or is that nit possible anymore?

This would be via a LVMNW I think. If not, then speak to WHQ about getting it put in as a normal works order, then wait a year!

All of this would be up to your CWC to sort really. There are assets on the sharepoint media hub for logos and the like. But the supplying of physical bits and bobs is up to the CWC.

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Is the cwc same as civ com or seperate comitee? Also what is the LVMNW?

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CWC - Civilian Welfare Committee aka the CivCom.
LVMNW - Low Value Minor New Works

LVMNW’s are funded in addition to Maintenance and are normally low in value and cover new requirements such as additional electrical sockets, provision of projector brackets and associated cabling and new notice boards etc.

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