Recruitment 2018



My squadron are going to be doing a big recruitment push over the next few months. So far we will be doing the following:
-big push on Facebook and Instagram
-Leaflets in shops
-school presentations
-newspaper articles

Has anyone got any other good ideas?

As always, thanks for help and have a brilliant 2018!


A decent video is a must, you can the use that in many of your ideas.


Does the organisation have a generic short recruitment video that squadrons can use?


Haven’t seen one for a while and they are generally pants. Better off searching YouTube or making one of your own.


Sounds like you have it covered. The only addition i can think of would be to get your leaflet included in the local schools newsletters as these go out by email and target the parents. Good luck.


Facebook paid advertising is worth considering - running a campaign concurrently worked really well for me and we had new cadets and staff walk through the door because of it. I think we invested about £40 as a trial to see how it would go. The stats were impressive and we would have struggled to get that kind of coverage in the local rags (which the target audience don’t read anyway). Worth considering.


It’s a new generation.
Consider a well put together a video that highlights the positive aspects of cadets - flying, shooting, first aid, sports, plus the fact that it looks good on Cvs -most students look forward to putting something on their CVs apart from GCSEs and A-levels. Make it amusing and fascinating.
Moreover, don’t make it repetitive or too long. A trailer of 1-2 minutes should be enough, especially to captivate a younger audience.