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Yep, I found it earlier. I was right that the size of the A in Air has to be empty space around the logo.

But no reference to the ATC badge or roundel


Taken from the RAF Guide - looks like you’re actually OK (“at least a quarter”) , although maybe add the white border so it frames it against the page border?

In reality, you’re unlikely to encounter an issue, but I’d recommend a “best effort” to show you’ve tried to conform?

Regarding the badge… It’s our identify and you’re trying to show off the organisation and the brand. I can’t find it written specifically, but it’s a heraldic emblem and I suspect would be considered to need to be “treated with respect”.

The RAF Guide (referencing the RAF and Sqn emblems), states “should not be altered or cut up in any way” - I would apply that to ours too, although I know an image search does show up a few variations :thinking:


out of curiosity, where did you find the RAF Guide?

Edit, found it on the Defence Brand Portal

But yes, if that’s policy we should follow them.


I have found it on sharepoint recently, but don’t seem to have saved a copy.


from the RAF Guidelines with regard to RAF Badges.

You should never use the Royal Air Force badge alone on a communication or instead of the Royal Air Force logo.

Official Royal Air Force badges should be used subordinate to the Royal Air Force logo within Royal Air Force communications.