Recruit to First Class Training

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The training on our Sqn for new cadets from Recruit to First Class is a bit all over the place and we are looking to improve it somewhat. Do any of you have a training plan, that you would be willing to share, that covers the period from the day a recruit intake starts up until they qualify as a First Class cadet.

We are also interested in what stage of training that you might deliver the blue badges/awards of Leadership, First Aid, Space, DofE, Comms & Cyber - do you do them alongside the 1st Class training so they get most of the badges at the end training or do you prioritise First Class and do the rest afterwards?

If you do them afterwards, would you prioritise them before they start Leading Cadet training etc?

Any ideas/suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


We run our Junior programme for c5 months with the basic subjects such as The RAF or The ATC being given 1 period on a parade night and the other period would lend itself to foot drill.

Once we then move into Airmanship, Map Reading etc these are given a full parade night.

Essential First Aid is done within the first 3 months.

I will then throw in uniform upkeep and some fun and games with the rest of the Squadron at points within the 5 months.

All of our Blue badges such as Space etc are done at First Class.

As above, mix and match. First night is usually orientation and some ice breakers. Heart Start (as was) usually done alongside the recruit logbook lessons, and we do both team building and uniform prep. Drill too. About 12 weeks in all, you could shorten or lengthen that depending on what else you run on the unit, such as sports.

By the end of First Class we aim to have covered off Blue radio, pre DofE & leadership. But they’ll get the badges as they complete each part.

We mix the blue badges in as a way of breaking up endless evenings completing the log book. My September intake did EFA during first month, uniform issue and care in October, they do regular sports nights for pre DofE, did blue leadership before Christmas, in the process of getting blue trained shot and started blue space tonight. Next month they will do blue comms and ELA. We also add in extra bits for interest along the way - such as a flight sim session during airmanship to develop the theory learnt, space STEM activity. They also do 30 mins of drill at the beginning of every parade night.

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We do junior cadet ATC and security to their enrolment 1 month about. Then lessons are intertwined with other activities after that. Our blue badges are done with the 1st class. So blue DofE is all 1st class badge activities. Leadership we have shoe bags with the leadership exercises & equipment in. Radio comms badge 1st class as well.
The training officer needs to have a spreadsheet With where they are at, It helps. A lot!

Have sent you a DM, happy to send you our programme.

First 3 Months
Week 1… ‘Induction week’ Introductions, Health & safety, Security, Paperwork, Uniform measuring.
Weeks 2 - 4… Basic Cadet Part 1, (The ATC, Drill part1)
Weeks 5 - 11…Basic Cadet Part 2, (The RAF, History of Flight, Drill part 2)
Week 12…‘Enrolment week’ Prep, Practice and Enrolment night.

Months 4-6
First Class ‘Continuation Training’
Months 4-5…Basic Cadet Part 3, (Airmanship, Map Reading, Basic Radio)
Month 6…Basic Cadet Part 4, (IET, Weapon Training)

The 3 month continuation training will include PTS blue badge work as well.