Recommended Sqns / recruiting CIs near Pontefract

Hi all. Anyone know of any Sqns near Pontefract that are friendly and in need of a new CI? Ta!

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Quick google brings up 2460 pontefract & 23 south elmsall

I mean thanks but I can operate Google :joy: but that can’t tell me if they’re friendly and in need of a new CI. I’m after gen and recommendations, not addresses. :v:

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Have you considered just dropping them a line? You’ll know in five seconds more than you would from any replies here I think.

Chances of them being on acc and replying are close to zero, and you’ve no idea if the comments are actually what they say they are anyway!

That still doesn’t give me gen on the Sqn and whether they’re friendly. “Hi OC x … are you friendly?” :woman_shrugging: I think it’s going to be easier for me to drive to Pontefract and find out for myself than getting an answer to the question I’ve actually asked on here.

That said, someone has kindly messaged me with precisely what I’ve asked for. Thank you!


you moving Dan?

You’re not that lucky :kissing_heart:


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