Recommendations to OC?

Hi all! Sorry about the surge of threads (I have just joined and the expertise and insight on this forum, provided by you guys, are truly incredibel!) The OC of our CCF (RAF) is a Plt Off and he has recently spoken to the NCOs on his concerns about too many cadets dropping out and hoping to retain more for the NCO cadre.

We (for some reason) don’t wear brassards at all, so I am thinking of recommending that to him, with the hope of the possibility of attaining badges something to work for amongst the cadets and hopefully motivate them to stay (as they will get physical acknowledgements of their hard work in the form of badges which they can then wear with pride!). I know we only do First Class / Leading / Advanced and maybe MOI (I am trying to do it, although it hasn’t been done in recent years), but every bit helps! Just want to ask all ladies and gentlemen here:

a) I am pretty sure it is, but is the wearing of brassards common amongst CCF (RAF) flights?
b) Is my recommendation appropriate / sensible, or is it too aggressive to the OC or just silly?
c) In a CCF (RAF) flight, how do you get accessed for your MOI (e.g. how do you get in contact with an accessor etc)?

Please do tell me what you think; every reply helps!

Just one quick question are you staff or a cadet? Sounds silly but there are different approaches depending on what you are. If you are staff your first port of call should be your TEST Team, the SNCO and/or the OC, who will be able to guide on all things CCF (RAF). If you are in blues you shoukd be wearing the brassard iaw AP1358c. It is really just a case of evolution not revolution take things a step at a time engage with the cadets and see what they want to get out of the CCF. Then work with your TEST Team and tbe contingent to achieve this.

Oh I’m a cadet LCpl - thanks for replying!

It’s just that I am also pretty keen for a promotion soon (the OC said a new round would be coming up soon) and I just don’t want to screw this up.

Then work with your OC and the other NCOs, you have just got on the rank ladder so take advice and support from the others. If you don’t mind me asking which CCF are you with?

Ahh OK so I would definitely work with your peers.


Just wondering if I should make the recommendation; I think I have no fear with access to such expertise!

Just treading a careful equilibrium here - between being helpful (the OC has always said recommendations are always helpful; he is quite new on the scene, as from his rank) and pushy. He’s still OC after all.

There could be a valid and historic reason why you do not wear brassard I would leave that with the TEST Team.

Yeah there is also a TEST Sgt who visits now and then (much less than our OC, who’s here every time); should he be my first port of call (when he visits next)? Just want positive changes as soon as possible; SNCO promotions are likely inbound in the next few months or so as one of us will actually become section head CWO next year (the promotions are really slow this year across the whole CCF for some reason) and I just want to make my mark!

Would be very grateful if anyone else feels like offering their opinions on this matter!

A friendly bit of advice…

Dont go giving out your location publically…HQAC monitor these forums and i guarantee your OC will probably be getting an email asking why cadets at his section dont wesr brassards (which is against dress regs) by the end of the week. Especially as your local ATC RWO writes the dress regs and im fairly confident he will be having a browse on here

You have great intentions, some of which i wish my NCO team had (if any of them are on here…truth hurts) just be careful about the execution and not urinating on too many bonfires

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Oh that’s too true - thank you very much.

Funny old thing I am sure the TEST Team would ask the question as to why brassards are not worn if the cadets are parading in blues. I know I would given I am in that cadre.

Your TEST Sgt will have between 10 - 12 sections in his AOR. Where as your OC is a member of your school staff. Normally it is your Section staff who deal with the TEST Staff ON matters of policy etc.

Historic, maybe…


I know of a CCF RAF Section that don’t wear Blues at all!