Recommendation for a Handheld Scanner

Can anyone recommend a scanner that would be great to use with my Scouts? I keep seeing ‘ubc125xlt’ recommended. We had a scanner last year at RIAT (it has gone missing) and it was really interesting to hear all the traffic.

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This one seems to get pretty good reviews . . .
TaoTronics Handheld Scanner



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ha dee ha - glad I posted it in the RADIO section and not the Technology section. lol

good point, I actually missed that you posted it to the Radio section, I always just view by latest.
. . . having said that I did notice that you want it for RIAT, could be useful for scanning in all those pesky consent forms. #DigitalAge

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I went for a Uniden UBC125XLT - 500 channel handheld scanner and I can highly recommend Sam at Radioworld Ltd. Order Monday morning and received Tuesday afternoon with it pre-programmed for me.

Of course remembering that the powers that be at RIAT only accept the forms if they are the most up to date version of the TG21. Woe betide the mere mortal who arrives with an older form…